Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bucket wheel stand on side of cage


With the new cage I knew it would be easy to mount the wheel on the side of the cage. I think you could do this same method on the Sterilite container also.
Below is a list of supplies I used. You will have to figure out the length and diameter of the carriage bolt that will fit your wheel and cage thickness.
Supplies (All found on the bolt and nut section in Home Depot)
1- ¼’’ 3” lag or carriage bolt
4- ¼” 1” hex machine bolt
2- ¼”x ½” nylon spacer (this gets the wheel away from the cage some. They are in the pull out trays at HD)
9- ¼” large washers
4- ¼” split washer
4- ¼” nut (you could use a wing nut for this)
1- ¼” wing nut
2- 6”x8” -¼” plywood (You can buy this in 2’x4’ sheets at HD, in the wood section)
Other tools
Circular saw, sand paper, and drill

1.       You will have to cut the wood, to the desired size. You might need to sand the edges. Drill a hole in the middle and the 4 corners. Make sure it lines up with the metal bars. Make an arrow on both pieces of wood so they will line up when you are putting it on.
2.       Put one of the large washers on the 4 bolts. Only put one washer bolt combination in one piece of wood at a time. Put on the cage then put on the other sheet of wood on the other side of the cage. So the wood is the bread and the cage is the meat inside of the sandwich. Add another large washer, lock washer and a nut at the end of the bolt. Do this for the other 3 holes. I put the nuts so they are outside of the cage.
3.       Put the lag orcarriage bolt in the middle hole and put the large washer and 2 spacers. Add wheel and use wing nut to tighten. I found the wing nut is a lot easier to get the wheel off and on.
4.       This does not allow a tilt like a pvc pipe stand but Ace has no problem staying inside the cage when running. Make sure it is low enough for easy in and out of the wheel.
Outside of cage
(nylon spacers are not in this photo)

      Inside of cage

Side view
(nylon spacers are not in this photo)

View from back

Inside cage
(you can kind of see the nylon spacers (white) in this picture behind the wheel)

Ace checking out the new cage! :)

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Sheritta said...

Ok, I just finished reading all of your blogs! Wow, I always knew you were creative, but your tutorials are amazing! The instructions are so well thought out. Have you thought about posting to Instructables? I know this hedgehog wheel would probably get alot of attention. And I completely LOVE your amigurami penguin... Your layout is awesome! Did you make it yourself? I'm still trying to think mine through, and hopefully tomorrow night I will have some time to work on it. Great job, and I hope to see some more posts from you soon!