Monday, April 9, 2012

The date

Another Pinterest project that is finished! :)
I have had the numbers made for at least half a year. I decided to finish up the project this week but ended up finish it up tonight.
For all of the day, month, numbers I used the Designer Calendar cartridge for the Cricut. (dial was set to 2 1/2) The year I cut out 20 and 12 and cut the middle frame out and glued it together. I laminated just the numbers and double stick tape to a blank card. I have up to 2023 cut out. For the background I just cut the paper on my paper cutter. I laminated all of the pieces and hole punched in the middle. Still deciding how I will hang it on the board. Probably get some command hooks.
Now I do not have to write the date and can make this a morning station for my class. I will try to get a picture of it in action in the classroom.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Days until... calendar


Here is my version of the countdown calendar I found on Pinterest.
From another Pinterest project I kept the back of the picture frame. I spray glued the paper to cover up the back. Punched holes for the binder rings. The tags were in a set of 24 just enough to make the numbers go up to 399. I laminated the tags so the students can not rip them off. I laminated the days until tag and was going to just use dry erase but decided just to laminate Summer and other holidays for the school year. I used a binder clip to store those for future use. I used grommets to keep the days until sign on the frame so if I need to change the bottom I can in the future.