Monday, July 19, 2010

Meet Ted!

Last weekend we decided to adopt a dog for our family. His name is Ted and this is his third adopted home. His birthday is May 19, 2009 and he is a Manchester Terrier.

 Ted in the backyard. This is not a good picture because it makes him look a lot taller.

The first family loved Ted but their son was allergic to him and had to give him up. The second family adopted him but the husband was out of town and when he came back home he did not want a dog so he brought Ted back. When we went to pick him up he was very scared but soon warmed up to us. We took him on a walk in this big field and we knew he was going to come home with us. One of the volunteers at the rescue told us he loves to catch snakes. He is a great car rider and loves to play but he can snuggle down when we watch TV.When get home and once he sees my 15 year old cat, Silly, he starts barking. This is the first time we hear him bark. We decided to put the cat in a separate area till Ted learned the house. We did not want Ted sleeping with us, so we put him downstairs with the cat separate from him. Silly decided to be the mean cat from the movie Babe and Ted barked and was scared at him. We decided to go downstairs and see if he would sleep with us on the couch. He still could not sleep until he could not see Silly. Once we closed Silly in the bathroom for the night Ted falls down and puts his head on the pillow. After a week they can now be left alone in the same area. Silly does not love him but deals with Ted.

Silly and Ted on the couch together. It does not last long!

One of the requirement I could not be a dog parent who dresses dogs. With his short black hair he gets very hot when we are outside. I decided to make him a sun jacket to let him be cooler. This is the only outfit Ted can wear. I will make him a winter coat when it gets colder. I do not know if it really keeps him cooler but he looks very good in it. I found the pattern off of Martha Stewart's website. I had to make the neck and chest area smaller to fit his size. The material I used is from basketball/workout mesh I found cheap on the clearance material at JoAnn's. I also made Ted a cool neck roll in green that he wears when we go on walks.

Ted with his green cool neck roll and his new sun jacket at the baseball field.

The next day after we get Ted, D's parents also adopted 2 dachshund named Colby and Brady. Their birthday is in September 2009. They are still very young and not as mature as Ted. They were owned by an older lady but she went into hospice and died. Her children took care of them but only fed them chicken bones and trash. They have to be touching each other at all times and if one is doing something the other has to do it. They love to run around the yard and chase each other. We brought Ted over and they do not really like him. We are going to training with them starting next month.
Colby (black nose)

Brady (pink nose)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Miss to Mrs

With the wedding over now I can post some of the crafty ideas I did for our wedding in June. 

Birdcage veil with green flower
Knew I wanted a birdcage veil but did not find exactly want I wanted. I bought a birdcage veil kit off of for $15. I should of just bought the netting because I used a different clip from Jo-ann's. I have been working/looking for the perfect flower for a long time. I bought a headband with flower from Claire's but was not it. I went to Charming Charlie's and my MOH found the green flower. It was on a headband with the flower and green Russian netting. I took off the headband and cut off the green netting. I hot glued my white netting inside and hot glued the clip in. Make sure you put the clip in the correct way in the hair. When I had my hair done we put extra hair pins to hold down the netting and flower. With the completed project I spent around $40 but could be less.

Hidden Mickey Heads
Another hair item I did was glued rhinestones to the end of hair pins (they are "u shaped" and can be found at Sally's). I also made some Mickey Mouse heads by gluing a large and 2 small rhinestones on a piece of clear plastic and cut it out then glued it on a hair pin. 

Life ring guest book
The company who did my wedding sells a life ring you can use as a guest book with your name and date with just vinyl lettering for $150. I found a life ring on Amazon for around $30. I was disappointed because it has been sitting in the box for a while and the white rope made a brown lines on the ring part. I put that in the back so you can not see it. It ended up a success and is hanging in our downstairs bathroom. I found the Disney cross stitch in the clearance section at Michael's. On of our friends thought it would be cute to have a digital picture frame in the middle. I liked the idea but there was no power outlet where it would be located.

Digital picture frame
With the digital picture frame out of the question in the life ring I still wanted it in the wedding. I loaded up pictures of us a children and pictures of us the past years together. DH has seen tons of pictures of me but I had not seen a lot of pictures of him when he was a child. The wedding planner put it in the bar and was good to see pictures from the past.

There was more items I made but that will be for another day.