Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas gifts part 1

I just eyeball it when I am making lip gloss but this time I weighed it out.

  • 5oz beeswax
  • 6oz olive oil
  • 30 drops of fragrance oil (use your own judgment on how much)

I melt down the beeswax and part of the olive oil in 2 bathroom paper cup in the microwave. I think it could handle just one cup but I rather not take that risk. I keep on adding olive oil and use a toothpick (do not double dip if you are giving it to friends) to test the texture of it with your fingers or lips. Once it feels smooth I put the drops of fragrance oil till it has the right about of scent you are wanting. You might need to warm it up after putting the extra oils. Pour in lip gloss tubes or pots. I tell my friends I will refill it for free if they give me back the tube or pot.

You can get the beeswax at Hobby Lobby. I get my fragrance oil at Bath and Body Works. It is normally $7.50 a bottle but I can get them after a big holiday for only $3. I also mix beeswax and the oil in a glass jar and put it on a candle warmer. It makes the house smell so good without using a flame.

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