Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sugar/tea wallet

For Christmas I try to make at least one item to give family and friends. Last year I made fabric tissue covers. This year I had to think of a new idea that would be easy to make. While on vacation some of my family members love Splenda and would carry the packets in plastic baggies and that was too tacky! Now they will carry it in style!
I could not find a pattern that did not have a button/snap/Velcro but decided to make this. It is so easy and if I get motivated to make a tute for it.The other fabric on the front is where the flap goes. It holds the flap down and I have not had any sugar packets leave. It was originally just to hold sugar packets but it did fit a tea bag.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Harry Potter 7.2

With the LAST Harry Potter movie this week I had to make a new shirt. My DH and I are seeing part 1 before then at midnight seeing part 2. I have had so many fun memories going late night to see Harry!

I saw this logo on Pinterest and knew this is what I needed. Cut it out on my Cricut with freezer paper and painted it on with fabric paint and acrylic!
On the back I thought it was cute to have the HP7.


Back- Glows in the dark!


I am very happy with my shirt and cannot wait to show it off tonight! DH said no for matching shirts! lol

Saturday, January 22, 2011

quilts and more quilts

Lots of craft projects has been made since my last update. 
My first hedgehog, Ace, passed away from health reasons in December. 
Also in December we adopted another Manchester Terrier named Charlie. Ted and Charlie are about the same age and act like they are both brothers. Charlie has had some issues around the house with chewing. We are starting to train him and he is learning sit this week.

Finished my first quilt in November, I was glad I had it early because the baby came 6 weeks early. I do not think I will ever free quilt the top.

I have 99% of my New Wave quilt finished! I just have to hand stitch the binding around it. I just followed the small strips to quilt the top. Did not want to spend too much time on this quilt.

I have started a new quilt from the website P.S. I Quilt. They are having a quilt along and it is around the third week of it. I have all of my strips cut out and almost have them all sewed together. This weekend I will cut them out and sew them in the final block pattern. I know I am crazy to start this quilt but having a lot of fun making it.

Fabric is Seaglass by Fabric Cenral
Buttercup Yellow for the solid


I am also doing a Crafster swap of Alice in Wonderland. We get our partners tonight/tomorrow. I am excited to start crafting in that theme.