Thursday, April 29, 2010

Maryy Dress

I have had this great sewing machine for months and only have repaired clothes and made hedgehog bags. I have been looking for a dress for the brunch before the wedding but have not seen anything that really screams out to me. I found this dress on Burda Style and it was my favorite price of free. I made D take me to Joann's 30 minutes before they closed Tuesday  and we quickly picked out these two fabrics. It reminded me of the wedding colors and I knew D wanted to leave as soon as possible. It only took me around 8 hours to complete this dress. I took my time and did it right so one can find a mistake. I had a lot of issues with the pattern size and had to make it smaller while making it. I have never done an invisible zipper before and did not iron down the zipper like the instructions said so I had to take out the zipper to redo it. Then I sewed the zipper so it did not line up right.
I was surprised how easy it was to make, and next time I made a dress like this I will not make as many mistakes. I wanted it strapless but I was having some issues keeping it up in the back so I added the straps at the end. I made them cross in the back but also can not be crossed because of the buttons.
I am never a big fan of cotton dresses becuase they never fit right. Becuase I could make it fit me it turned great. If I do not wear it to the brunch I know I will wear it on the honeymoon.

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Sheritta said...

It's beautiful, and it looks amazing for something you seem to have had so many problems with. Next time will be better, I'm sure. I received the wedding invitation! I will see you guys then!