Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Knit dress

I got a great knit dress at Macy's a few weeks ago. Luckily it was on sale but still was more than I wanted to pay. I found a New Look pattern at Jo-Ann's. I am going to make the pink dress she is

I had a hard time finding a printed knit fabric that was not too expensive but did find one in clearance.It has bright colored shells with a hint of glitter on the white part. Who knows how long the glitter will last. The background is a blue purple color.

I hope this dress turns out good becuase I would want more of these.

Monday, June 22, 2009

LB- Bright Baby Tank Top

I have a surplus of Lion Brand Incredible ribbon yarn in City Lights because of Dollar Tree. With Wal-Mart changing the layout and downsizing their craft department I have been trying to craft with what I have. I found the pattern for a baby tank top from the Lion Brand website and made it in 2 days. I am trying to stock up on baby gifts for the future.

Bowtie was nice enough to model the new tank top. I had to make a cat toy for him so he would not destroy the tank when I was knitting it.

The pattern was easy to make and great for a starting project. It seems a little short for a baby but if you do make it measure. I am going to be brave and start on the matching cardigan.