Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall and pumpkins

Fall crafting has been in full swing around here. I made Ted, our dog, a candy corn scarf. (I know the orange and yellow need to be switched)

Also I carved foam pumpkins for my side of the family and one of Ted.
I had a hard time carving the first one of Ted but that was because I had a very dull blade. For the rest I used a round metal Drimel tip and a sharp Exacto knife. I am very happy on how they came out and can not wait to mail them Monday.


Ted Modified


The quilt is almost done! I just have about 25% left of quilting then add the boarder around. I tried to finish the quilting last weekend but after changing the bobbin the tension decided to mess up. I gave the machine a rest for a week.
I already found another quilt pattern for the next quilt!

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