Wednesday, August 4, 2010

1st Quilt Ever Series Day 2

Last night I had some issues with the tension with this machine but slowly I figured it out! This is a great machine but I so miss my machine! I love having the automatic thread cutter!
Last night I had about half of the 9 squares sewed together and finished them up this morning. Some do not line up but are close enough.

First rows done and organized

All of the 9 squares finished!

I then cut the 9 square into the 4 squares. Once I had all squares cut out it seemed I only had 4 different designs in the middle so there is once place in the quilt that will have 2 of the same colors touching on the side. Make sure when you are sewing the 9 squres to have different fabrics in the middle square.

This is the final layout showing a side view
This was the hardest part of the quilt

Ted and I needed a break from sewing so we took a walk down to the beach.
Ted does not like the water but I think if we go swimming he would soon join in.

Here is all of the rows sewed together!

Sorry for the bad photos. I will take a better picture when I am done! This is going by a lot faster than I expected. I will be buying the supplies to finish the quilt this weekend because Joann's is having a good weekend sale and offering if you spend $50 you get $10 back on your next purchase! It makes me feel like I am going to Kohls.

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