Sunday, May 17, 2009

Disney Craft Swap

I have met the perfect craft website/forum called Craftster! I am glad I just found it and not when I was younger. They have every type of craft you can do and also the fun part of it they have craft swaps. If you are ready for the challenge there are requirements for just signing up but once you are a member for 1 month and post 15 times you can! I signed up for the Disney craft swap and had the best swap partner. I had to make 1 large, 1 medium and 2-3 smalls. She liked the movie Fox and the Hound and sent a picture of what she liked. I knew I wanted to copy that onto a tote bag but did not know how I would do it. I could paint it but I was without my paints and did not have the T-Shirt transfer paper from the computer. I decided that I would have to embroiderer it on. I saw a picture of Tinkerbell and this was how I was going to do it.

With the picture from the movie I had another problem picking what lines to use for the simple outline or what color. I found the thick green fabric on sale so that was the start and decided on a tan and brown floss. With all of the supplies I had to pick what size of a bag and embroidery the picture on the fabric before I sewed the bag up. This was my first embroidery project but had a good idea on how to do it. I researched and caught up with a stitch dictionary and knew most of them or had an idea on how do to it. I used the split stitch for most of the bag and loved the results. With the other stitches you use a lot of floss in the back.

This is the finished bag that I made. I have finally figured out how to do lined bags and pockets from help with the Buttercup Bag pattern.
I also took the plunge and learned how to sew a bag with a zipper using that tutorial. I also embroidered something on both sides. One is a picture of Tinkerbell and on the other side was a head of Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

One of the items she made me was this cross stitch hedgehog for Ace. Here is the photo with it!

Now that I have finished one swap I can sign up for 5 more but not going to get too over my head.

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