Saturday, August 11, 2012

Gumball behavior incentive

Trying to think of new ideas to motivate the students to work hard and saw similar ideas on Pinterest. I saw this gumball container in my Cricut "Just Because" cart and made it out of paper. Then I ran in the problem of how to put the gumballs inside and thought to make it out of felt so the Velcro would stick to it. I know it will not last long and become fluffy when I remove the gumballs at the end of the week. For storage I put the extras on the back. Everything was hot glued together.
If it does wear out I am going to make it out of paper and laminate it. Then hot glue strips of Velcro to hold the gumballs. I know I have seen sheets of Velcro to make the whole container the same material.
Maybe we can have a sugar free gum party for Fun Friday!

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