Sunday, May 13, 2012

Fabric Haul

Car is full
 Last weekend my Aunt gave me a lot of her fabric. She is moving to a smaller place and knew I would enjoy all of it.

"The Haul" in game room
My craft room closet was not the best organized so I put all of the contents in the game room.
I have been trying to find a good way to organize my fabric and decided on using the foam board from this blog.

You can get 30 x 20 inch sheets at Dollar Tree My DH cut them out out to 10 x 5 inches. I was able to get 12 boards for only $1.00. It is going to be a pain to get them all loaded but worth it in the long time.
This is my new project for watching TV. DH is going to make more shelves on the wall for the fabric to be all lined up and perfect.
Now I will have no excuses to keeping my fabric organized and putting it back once I am done with it.
First group in closet

I am going to have to get more foam board and pins to connect the fabric. This was perfect to reuse all of my dull pins I have been saving.
After putting 60+ on the boards I am thinking I will need 2 more sizes for some of the pieces of fabric.

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