Friday, July 10, 2009

Charlie grocery bag

I have been wanting to make fabric grocery bags for a while and found this great pattern on It is a free pattern but you do have to have an account to view it. The instructions were not that good but I looked at the comments and used my common purse making skills to complete it. I liked this pattern becuase it had a pouch were you can keep it folded up when not using it. The picture below shows it folded up.
Here is the picture of hanging. The back of the bag is just a brown peice of material.

My only complaint is surging around the edges. I am just not good at serging on a curve and cutting off 5/8'' at the same time. I am going to fold it in and sew around to make it look better and last longer. It seems a little big but was great on my trip to Target today.
I am going to make more with an apple and pear material I got.

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